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Default Re: Some advice on how to play my martial artist more effectively?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Be aware that my sample character is a fine example of "cheese":
  • I went to great extents to get high damage (thanks to Mantis Strike, Weapon Master, and a low-cost swung weapon) and respectable DR (via Dragon Skin and clothing with Fortify) without encumbrance.

  • I exercised the option to define my outfit to protect a whole bundle of stuff (the ninja suit) with a single instance of Signature Gear.

  • I got points for Vow (Never wear armor) [-15] and then worked around it with Dragon Skin and a Fortify enchantment on the ninja suit.

  • I got points for Wealth (Struggling) [-10] and then used three quirk points for +$1,500 to get the gear needed for much of the rest of the cheese.

  • Ramping up Stealth with gear and Light Walk is a little invasive of the thief's niche.

  • There are a few places where things do double duty – namely, the Weapon Bond helping the bo with both Parry Missile Weapons and Staff skill, and the sling ammo also serving as a cheap thrown weapon for Throwing Art.

  • Chucking flash nageteppo while wearing goggles that grant near immunity is intelligent but just a bit cheesy.
I don't apologize for any of it! This is exactly the kind of thing you have to do when faced with fellow gamers (or a GM) who question the usefulness of your choices. It's also a long and honorable tradition in hack 'n' slash gaming.
There ya go again, implying that if we're not munchkiny, you're not doing it right. :)

OTOH, my complaints about tone may come from a disconnect of your definition of cheesy/munchkiny if this character is a fine example of cheese.

You spent a lot! of points to increase damage and, surprise, you do good damage - a fraction more than a knight does, depending on DR, before he spends any of his 60 discretionary points, 12cr vs 8 cutting. At 2 DR they're doing about the same.

One combined piece of SG might be a bit questionable, but I've allowed it in far less cinematic games than DF.

Working around a disad by spending (less) points to mitigate (not ignore) it seems fine to me.

Struggling and points for cash is a bit dodgy since I think Wealth should effect that but it doesn't so, fine.

A Martial Artist can't help but step on the thief's stealth toes a bit - their minimum Light Walk is 17. Stealth 15. The Thief can get the same kind of benefit from gear (and frankly, is crazy if he doesn't).

Synergy and efficiency of gear is cheesy?

She counters the ill effects of an attack she originates with gear in exchange for -5 vision in combat (and when anticipating it) - I don't see that biting her in the butt on occasion.

So I don't see why you should apologize for anything on this character sheet. She would be just fine in my non-DF campaign, let alone my DF one.
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