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Default Re: Some advice on how to play my martial artist more effectively?

Be aware that my sample character is a fine example of "cheese":
  • I went to great extents to get high damage (thanks to Mantis Strike, Weapon Master, and a low-cost swung weapon) and respectable DR (via Dragon Skin and clothing with Fortify) without encumbrance.

  • I exercised the option to define my outfit to protect a whole bundle of stuff (the ninja suit) with a single instance of Signature Gear.

  • I got points for Vow (Never wear armor) [-15] and then worked around it with Dragon Skin and a Fortify enchantment on the ninja suit.

  • I got points for Wealth (Struggling) [-10] and then used three quirk points for +$1,500 to get the gear needed for much of the rest of the cheese.

  • Ramping up Stealth with gear and Light Walk is a little invasive of the thief's niche.

  • There are a few places where things do double duty – namely, the Weapon Bond helping the bo with both Parry Missile Weapons and Staff skill, and the sling ammo also serving as a cheap thrown weapon for Throwing Art.

  • Chucking flash nageteppo while wearing goggles that grant near immunity is intelligent but just a bit cheesy.
I don't apologize for any of it! This is exactly the kind of thing you have to do when faced with fellow gamers (or a GM) who question the usefulness of your choices. It's also a long and honorable tradition in hack 'n' slash gaming.
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