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Default Teamplay Munchkin Card Game idea

Good day everybody,

I'm a longtime Munchkin fan (but 2019 is first time I decide to traverse the SJ-games forum :p).
Mostly I play a Munchkin game (basic, Zombies, Legends, Cthulhu ,...) with my spouse, also a die-hard fan. Once in a while we have a few people that join our cause. We know the cards, our invitees not so. You can imagine that the competitive gameplay isn't as straight forward for non-veterans.
It happens that our sheer laughter and well.. kinda in-game evil doing, doesn't make the other players 'happy'.

That's why we came up with Muchkin Co-op, an idea where everybody plays together to reach a certain goal. Yay, Disney feelings for everybody!

Doc here

Pdf version here

Do give suggestions. I hope you enjoy it :).

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