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Originally Posted by Doobuggy View Post
I read over the rules for Epic Munchkin and everything appears rather straight forward. TMNT can be played up to level 20, however, there would be no "feats" for epic tmnt games. Has anyone played a game of Epic TMNT before? did you ignore "feats" or did you come up with your own? Perhaps, for those interested in playing Epic TMNT, we could workshop some "feats" online?

Here are the Epic Abilities I made up for EPIC TMNT

Aggressive Stance
Screw the Rules; I Have Fury -- You may use your Team-up/Loner Ability for any combat, ignoring the usual conditions or cost of discarding an Ally.
In addition, you may have two additional allies.

Defensive Stance
BLOCK! -- You may discard an Ally card, Kata card, or items worth at least $500 to negate a Curse or Bad Stuff.

Technical Stance
Extra Skill -- You may have up to 3 additional Ranks of Kata.
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