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Originally Posted by patchwork View Post
Question 18 What entity or agency makes governing decisions in Calledron?
Question 19 What entity or agency controls access to the Mother Plains portal?
Answer 18
Calledron is simply too big for a single authority to rule Calledron. Portals to Calledron sometimes form in close proximity. Travel using a portal network is often significantly faster than walking the normal route. Most of Calledron is under the control of portal network based states or states carved out of portal-free territory. The Calledronian Empire has the largest portal network and this allows them to dominate matters of interdimensional politics.

Imperial counties are in charge of local governance. County and garrison size depends on local resources and how many links the county has. The largest counties are about 350 miles in radius. Each county is ruled by an Archmage. They are responsible for writing and enforcing local laws, appointing judges, and hearing appeals. In practice, this means that most counties are CR 4 - 5 depending on the personality of their Archmage.

Emperor Julius Martellus won the throne in a magical duel to the death with the former Emperor 14 years ago. He is responsible for commanding the Imperial Army, writing imperial law, appointing imperial judges, and serving as the court of last appeal. Emperor Martellus is a benevolent dictator who has undertaken reforms to transform the Empire into a CR 3 meritocracy. His reforms of the tax code, reduction of the portal tariffs, and elimination of the portal tolls has lead to an economic boom. While he is popular with the general public, Emperor Martellus' reforms have earned him some powerful enemies among the old guard.

Answer 19
The Calledronian Empire.
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