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Answer 6 The near-constant warmish weather is actually not conducive to most known staple crops being grown on Calledron. There is yam and cassava, and limited amounts of rice. The Mother Plains portal is important to the powers that be in no small part because it provides reliable access to arbitrary quantities of pseudowheat. Chickens, pigs and goats are kept; there's no open meadows and plains well-suited to cattle, horses, or sheep (heavily implying the Calledronians walk pretty much everywhere). What it is good for is cotton, coffee, cocoa, tea and vanilla. These are the boring day-to-day goods that Fragment trades outworld for food and other useful things.

Calledron's wilderness doesn't have many dangerous animals aside from tigers. The tigers (and Calledronians who hunt) live on deer, rabbits, monkeys and wild pigs (and domestic pigs when things are not going smoothly). Some people are bothered by enormous spheroids that appear to be insect eggs scattered around, but there is no record of one ever hatching.

We skipped question 3, and I appear to have impinged a little on question 13.

Question 16 How many worlds is Fragment in regular contact with? How many has it documented but not maintained regular contact with?
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