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Default Reduced Duration Limitation?

What do would be the modifier for a limitation that reduces the duration of an advantage, say Duration *1/3, Duration *1/10 etc.? There (strangely?) doesn't seem to be an existing limitation with this pretty basic effect.

Also, if to abilities are Linked, can you apply enhancements and limitations to them as if they were a single advantage, for example, apply a Costs FP 10, limitation that reduces the cost of both abilities by 50%?

This came up when I was trying to create an advantage that fully regenerates and regrows any lost body parts of a character, (in this case, a vampire), at a cost from its energy reserve. My preferred end result would be an advantage looking something like:

Regeneration (Extreme) + Regrowth (Linked, +10%; Costs FP Y, -5Y%; Reduced Duration *1/10 [6 second duration], -X%; Vampiric, -10%) [?]
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