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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Succubi should probably also have Morph (Cannot Memorize Forms, -50%; Mass Conservation, -20%; No Signature, +20%; Retains Shape, -20%; Takes Extra Time, 2x, -10%) [20].
Care to explain? It looks like some sort of disguise ability, but I don’t see how No Signature would work (normal Morph doesn’t put a big “I’m actually a person turned into a wolf!” sign above the morphed character’s head, and it’s hard to explain people not noticing, say, a lady’s hair changing style and color while she shrinks and becomes more curvy while they’re looking at her*). I’m guessing “retains shape” means she remains humanoid, but does that include her wings? Winged succubi with shapeshifting powers almost always have the ability to hide their wings, so this seems a bit off if it does. I guess it depends on how you define “shape,” but “number of limbs” seems like it would be a pretty important part of that!

*Change blindness means someone might not notice if they see her before and after the change, but that’s not guaranteed to work. It also doesn’t require any sort of Enhancement, just that the GM realize it’s a thing and play NPC’s appropriately. I suppose No Signature could make it guaranteed, but that feels like it steps too much on the toes of character’s whose whole schtick is being ultra-perceptive. Perhaps the variable form of Low Signature would be more appropriate, as it would simply penalize the check to notice a change?
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