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Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
These are probably quite realistic, but also could be undesirable. One of the ways to avoid the problems with shields is to assume that an attack that doesn't penetrate the shields doesn't weaken it, but that just shifts the problem slightly up the scale where you need to have weapons of a certain size to reliably penetrate the shields of of a ship of a given size, and once the shields start getting warn away they will be penetrated more and stirpped quicker.
IIRC, the old d20 Revised Star Wars (or whatever the official name was, the edition just before SAGA) actually had armor give characters and ships DR, and the force fields of the system also had their own DR before you could start stripping them away. Essentially, the shields had DR and HP, and only once you "killed" the shield (depleted its HP) could you start harming the ship. Personally, I favor that version of force fields over the GURPS semi-ablative DR model. Well, sort of - my ideal shield setup is one where the above is typically true, but a really powerful shot can punch through even without completely depleting the shield's HP, and really well-aimed/lucky shots are able to hit outside of their "weight class" with regards to this, but I'm still working out what the mechanics of such a scheme would look like.
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