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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by Dave Crowell View Post
I am evenly split on the question of chipboard "Cardboard Heroes" of flat counters.

A roll-up vinyl gaming mat printed with a mega-hex grid would be a great thing too. I have a couple of regular hex mat gaming mats, but would love one with megahexes.
Both of those would be cool.

If we got new painted counters or cardboard heroes, it would be nice to see them reflect the funky 70s style of the originals. Those Wizard and Melee silhouettes had a very interesting fashion style (flaring trousers, etc.)

Also, I really liked the TFT dragon counter designs, with their vaguely insectoid heads and wings, and barbed tails. To the extent that I actually wrote them up as a race for Traveller after my TFT campaign ended...
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