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I would definitely pop for a Cidri Worldbook, whether it was GURPS or TFT (though, frankly, I'd prefer TFT). And all the things that others have mentioned about Cidri that made it memorable are exactly what I liked too.

On a lot of the house rules, I always went for KISS as much as possible. Thus, instead of using ST to power Spells, I had Wizards use "mana" points until they ran out, when they could THEN use ST to power them. How did they get Mana Points? IQ = number of Mana Points available. Simple. (Plus, it encouraged Wizards to plus up their IQs more.) If they ran out of mana, they could use their internal ST to still cast, but as with any other ST loss, it potentially took days to recover from. Mana recovered at the rate of 1 point every 30 minutes of uninterrupted rest. A similar system was used for people who wanted to play D&D-like "Clerics." Instead of mana, they used "Favor" (from their god(s)) which worked exactly like Mana, except it could only be recovered by praying -- 1 point per 30 minutes of uninterrupted prayer. ST batteries then became Mana pools or blessed items with a favor the very least, it added atmosphere to the game!

In short, there are lots of different ways to approach these things. Almost all of my house rules were designed to overcome the attribute inflation problem that confronted everyone if they played a campaign that lasted long enough (and the characters survived that long!).
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