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Default Re: High Magic Spells

I do not expect to start with an artifact-level item. I am asking for help on mapping the path that would get my character to his goal eventually.

- Getting FP from Material Difference was a great idea. The Pyramid which describes it is currently not on our list of books, but I might be able to add it.

- There was also the idea of enchanting 1' squares of wood individually and attaching them 1 at a time to a ship. This is a great idea. Each would require 200 FP, so now the problem can be split up. In about 45 years you can lift a 2000lb ship. Not being sarcastic; this is actually the closest I/we have come to a workable solution, given my constraints.

- There was the suggestion of making the ship fly temporarily. Since Magic carpet has a duration of 10 minutes, I am not sure how that would work. Details?

I also found this other web site. It have the following paragraph in it: "Assuming your energy reserves are large enough and you buy level 20 on the Recover Energy spell, you can enchant 528 points of magic items per day using the Quick and Dirty method. This requires you to have at least 48 points of FP / Energy Reserve available. You can enchant magic items to produce any effect you could create with a spell. There are a bare handful of spells you can enchant for 50 energy."
There are many things I don't get there. Could someone parse it for me? If I can enchant 528 points, why do I care about 48 points of FP reserves?

Thanks again.

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