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Default Re: Linear shaped charge to cut through DR 1900?

Hang on, I don't know what I did for scaling last time, but this time around, assuming 1.7 instead of listed 1.4 like last time, I would up with just 20 lb for a foot long section that does 6dx6(10). (It will always inflict maximum damage as a contact explosion.)

Possibly light enough for a few of them to go with a landing party. Won't go through the front of a modern MBT (DR 1680, doubled versus shaped charges), but will go through the side (a little less than half that). As a foot long line instead of a pencil sized jet, it's going to do a heck of a lot more damage on the other side, easily knocking it out.

Going for a 5dx5 (10) section, useful against all cruisers, I wound up with just 10 lb for a 1 foot long section, or more accurately it will be 20 lb for a 2 foot long section.
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