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Originally Posted by Dinadon View Post
That's fine when your Wealth is abstract, but when 90% of that Wealth is a single asset, your only way to accumulate buying power is to use that asset. Nor would I put Han or Mal down as those with a steady job. They finds jobs they can do, and then get paid if they are completed, assuming they don't just get screwed over by the client. And all without going against their morals. So for them it's more about not getting paid regularly rather than getting paid little.

So long as necessities cost close to income you are probably going to be poor irrespective of amounts involved, and if there's only one place where you are able to spend any excess then extravagance isn't going to happen that often.
Well for one thing, if you're not able to earn the Wealth-appropriate income, you're not getting your points-worth for Wealth.

For another, spending 90% of your Wealth on a spaceship hardly precludes earning pay appropriate to your Wealth level. Just drop a few points on an appropriate job skill, point out that you've already got the Wealth on your sheet, and go. Now, the difficulty might be if your personal earnings at your wealth level don't look so good when you're also paying upkeep on the ship. But that means that running the ship has to produce substantially more revenue than a Wealth-level job would.
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I would alter sig gear to be 50% of starting wealth not standard campaign wealth. Then you just grab a lot of wealth and put it all in gear.

Finally, you don't take the skills for a high paying job. (Or if you do get those skills you don't take the job.)

Bam! Lot of gear, low wealth.
And you've gotten a grand total of [0] points for your poverty compared to someone who decided they were okay with earning money after all.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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