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Wealth and money are indeed different things, which is exactly why higher Wealth is not the answer. Wealth is your social ability to accumulate buying power. Han Solo or Mal Reynolds aren't Wealthy at all; they just own old ships that serve the same dramatic function and economic niche as cargo trucks. You don't want Mal to be able to get higher-paying jobs; you want him to be Poor and having trouble getting a good job, but still have his own ship.
That's fine when your Wealth is abstract, but when 90% of that Wealth is a single asset, your only way to accumulate buying power is to use that asset. Nor would I put Han or Mal down as those with a steady job. They finds jobs they can do, and then get paid if they are completed, assuming they don't just get screwed over by the client. And all without going against their morals. So for them it's more about not getting paid regularly rather than getting paid little.

So long as necessities cost close to income you are probably going to be poor irrespective of amounts involved, and if there's only one place where you are able to spend any excess then extravagance isn't going to happen that often.
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