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Default Re: Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet

Originally Posted by Captain-Captain View Post
Back in the 90s, I created a table listing which maneuvers went with which skills. This let's me say categorically that making these charts is a lot of work, and thanks for making this one!

One errata: Move and Attack has an attack skill cap of 9-.

On the sheet it says:

Move and attack at a penalty (Ranged: -2 or weapon’s bulk; non-slam Melee: -4, max. skill 9). For thrusting attacks, may use slam damage
(HP x velocity/100). Not compatible with Flurry of Blows, Mighty Blow, Giant Step, Combos, Rapid Strike or Deceptive Attack (except slams,

Hrm, can I make that clearer anyhow? I know it's a lot of info tightly packed on a single sheet... It's clear to me like that, but that's why I posted it here, to get your oppinion guys. So if you have a suggestion on how to make it clearer, please let me know.

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