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Default Re: Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
Nice sheet
Is this a typo though? I have been at work and am tired, but it reads wrong to me.

meant to say save? If so except would be better

Any IIRC explosions can be dodged in that you can take a step to move you away from the blast. Depending on your step you might get relatively far away.
safe, save?! I don't know, english is not my first language... ;)

What I wanted to say is that you can dodge any attack expect one from an explosion... of course you can dodge and dive and get the hell out of the explosion radius, but in my book that is not the same as dodging an explosive attack, just evading it.
Well, I'll just delete that sentence from the sheet, as there are no other dmg modifiers mentioned anyway..
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