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Default Re: [Magic] Can you photograph illusions?

The Inscribe spell creates images as well as text. It cites Artist skill as useful for esthetics -- but not necessary for content.

Various specialties of Artist would allow fixing the schematic in the medium of your choice -- Artist (Scultping) or Pottery for Shape Earth / Stone, Woodworking, etc. You could get wackier -- Choreography to form the schematic out of your dance troupe / marching band / handy army.

In general, I'm a fan of having skills work with magic, rather than just being replaced by or trumped by spells, both for other party members and for the mage themselves. Those greybeards in the towers study more than just spells and thaumatology. And there's always the handy GM trick -- ask your player how their character solves that problem, then consider if you like the answer. Encourage creativity.

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