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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

6 of us were exploring an abandoned base that the Zhodani had moved into. (Classic Traveler.)
Everyone else is in combat armor or battle dress, and armed with fusion or plasma guns. I'm wearing a tailored vac suit, and packing a carbine version of a (very) advanced combat rifle, and a vibro-sword.

We discover that the next room has a bunch of Zhodani in armor, so I say, in my best Indian Jones voice, "Plasma guns...very dangerous. I'll go first."

Moments later, the carnage is complete, and players are reconsidering the advantages of traveling light. (One also said to me, "Just a merchant that's had to defend herself?")

The situation was important enough that I was willing to disclose my status as a (semi) retired agent of the Imperial Bureau of Internal Security)

The players never forgot that quote, nigh on 20 years later.
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