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Default Re: New color Gnome wording???

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
I also know that the added bonus is for each Item you are using, not just carrying.
While the intent is obvious (at least to me), that's not actually clear from the card text itself. And arguing over wording details to maximize your plusses is inherently Munchkinly...
From the thingies file, it simply says

You get +1 for any non-one-shot Item beginning with the
letters G or N.
If it said the item got +1, that's clear enough... even if it was argued that it applied to not-in-use items, you aren't getting a bonus for them anyways.

But in this case, it says YOU (the player), rather than the item. It does not specify the state of the items... or even that they need to belong to you!
As written, I'd say it's a +1 to player for every G and N item they have in play (themselves only), which has 2 effects.
One is that they get +1s from carried stuff, which is significant. The other is that the items don't get boosted, which can affect things like "Lose your item with the highest bonus"
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