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Originally Posted by VariousRen View Post
Is the goal to actually have conflict in the party while they find who the spy is? Even if there isn't one, there would be a lot of paranoia in a group like that. Since rifles are so deadly, a single traitor could easily go full-auto and mow down the party when their back is turned.

Unless the danger of a German IN the party is a main theme of the game (it would certainly be interesting if it was! Sort of like an RPG version of mafia.) I would leave it out completely in case it derails the adventure completely.

On a related note, if anyone does something like this and includes an anti-PC, make sure to make it clear to everyone playing that an anti-PC exists! If not, PC's will normally accept basically any strange introduction, player excuse, ect. without questioning it because they are suppose to be working together.
This being during the Grief period, paranoia should be entirely appropriate - although until the PCs encounter a Grief team, arguably, the risk of any given American being a Brandenburger might not occur to them.

Running into survivors of a Grief attack might be a good encounter - especially if faced with someone who flees rescue or a wounded man who tries to defend himself from his rescuers. Or to have their first encounter with a Grief team who gun down some random NPCs (also demonstrating how much fun small arms fire is to receive)... and make sure you give each PC their own "sealed agenda" packet. Perhaps including some legitimate secrets (for example on PC is actually a deserter/murder or other criminal who escaped when the provosts guarding him were killed by enemy fire) so that they have their own reasons to be cagey that are nothing to do with being German. Although, as already noted, planting a very obvious character with a Germanic accent - perhaps from an interwar immigrant family or rural Pennsylvania Dutch - might be an amusing red herring.
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