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Default Re: Additional Iron Mountain scenarios?

Originally Posted by Cat View Post
Umm, each infantry squad starts with D1. +1 and +2 is the same as doubled and tripled, but just uses inconsistent language.
Originally Posted by offsides View Post
I think he means +1 or +2 to the entire unit, so while you're correct for a single squad, a platoon would be either D4 or D5, not D6 or D9. IIRC, that's how Infantry trenches (or whatever they're called - I can't remember right now), that CE's can dig, work...
Josh is correct, it's once per unit, not once per squad...sorry for the ambiguity! It's a quirk of how infantry banding together works in the game; with an X defense bonus it's mathematically associative (can multiply then add, or add then multiply, and get the same result), but with a + one it's not.
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