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Default 10,000 character limit in posts vs quote tags

Is there any way to exclude characters within quote or other formatting tags from contributing to the count? I just noticed that one trick I could do if slightly over the limit, when quoting someone, is to remove the ";12345" type code following the "quote=" which causes a link to the earlier post, and this lessens the count.

If you're immediately replying to a post directly before you, you basically don't need that link, so that's one way. Shortening (or omitting) the name after equals (just using |=quote=| without a name) is another way.

Having a char limit which counts text inside brackets (this even includes bold or italic or color coding) seems to discourage formatting like that, even though such formatting doesn't actually make the post longer. It would be neat if it was possible to non-count those characters, but I don't know if that is something feasible for the BBcode software.
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