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Default Re: Can a Destiean Sabotage someones future to avert their fate?

Short answer: yes.

Longer: It's rare that a Destiny angel might be having to do something so apparently counterproductive in the short term, but it's plausible and could make a decent adventure.

Elaborate answer: If someone's Fate almost certainly requires a college education but their Destiny almost certainly doesn't, then it's likely that there's some alternative experience that would be better for them than college anyway. A Destiny angel who wants what's best for the person and the Symphony can probably find a way to make college alternatives palatable -- there's probably a part of the college student that wishes there were somewhere else doing something else anyway. Ideally the Destiny angel will find something Destiny-oriented that the human wants to do. You can almost never force a human into their Destiny. But that might not be apparent for a while, and struggling with short-term pain for long-term benefit is certainly a common feature of Destiny missions.

Shedim are almost the exact opposite. They have to corrupt; they have to contest wills with their hosts, so they never cause the human to do something they want to do. Usually the type of corruption they embrace is defined by their Word; Infernal Words are Fate-tending, but theoretically what the Shedite is doing doesn't have to be tugging someone toward Fate.

In your example, a Renegade Shedite could indeed slowly "corrupt" a dutiful college student into skipping class to go skateboard when their Destiny was indeed "become a pro skateboarder." Being a Shedite, though, they're going to have a hard time stopping there, having to continue contesting Wills with the person until he's a meth-head sleeping under a bridge and getting his kicks from the knockout game and his money from purse-snatching who barely remembers that he was out here because he liked boarding... but a "good," Redemption-tending Shedite might manage the trick and move on quickly.
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