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Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
That is not what I said at all. What I said is that you can't play Items that are not one shot Items from your hand during combat. What your layout implies is that you can only play Items that you can use from your hand during combat, which is incorrect. You can play one shot Items to any combat (or when appropriate) from your hand or from Items you are carrying because the rules explicitly say so. They also explicitly say you can only put Items in play to the table during your turn when you are not in combat.
o0o0o. Sorry for the miscommunication there. I guess I misread your reply. And I don't think I stated in my visual that a player can only use Items they are from their hand during combat. Under the "Carried: Other" section, I mention that you can use those items on the table or in the hand and that they "can" be played during combat not have to only.

But aside from the mishap, I wanted to know if the layout in general is correct and everything looks good as to where it should be. Again, I apologize if there were any confusion with my layout.
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