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Default Re: Starship battles - is there a simpler way?

Originally Posted by merry442 View Post
You know, it's funny but a lot of the individuals who enjoy the old Avalon Hill wargames also enjoy the record keeping and paperwork. A perfect example of this is in the game "The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich." Every player is given a set of assets, a set number of reinforcements per turn and so one. The paperwork is monstrous. Your plan is great

Could we just assume that missile identification could be instantaneous and ECM/sand be planned like a regular phase every turn? Maybe a simultaneous missile phase? This is what I was thinking for a typical turn. I thought phases would be fun. This idea is based on a typical hex and counter wargame

I. Scan Phase (identify all missiles and ship locations, Line-of-sight)
II. Defense and ECM are cleared (from previous turn)
a). sand launch
b). ECM and black globe spoofing (prepared but not resolved until phase V)
III. Laser batteries fired(resolved in phase V with spoofing and sand defense measures)
IV. (missile) barbette launch (both sides)
V. Resolve damage/spoofing from missiles, laser batteries and ECM
a). Player a resolves
b). Player b resolves
VI. Resolve derelicts/ Routing (assuming that this model is somewhat similar to a traditional wargame).
VII Communication/ all routed ships from previous turn are active again
VIII. Reinforcement and missile/ship movement

I know this may sound terribly nitpicky (and there would be like a note on a piece of paper) but I think it could be fast/easy. With all my stressing over agility and space acceleration, I didn't even include it here, but this is a plan and plans have to be critiqued to be any good. Thanks for having this here. :)
OK, when I went about this I wanted to simplify the starship battles so we could have theater wide engagements of large number of ships. Wheat looks like 8-12 steps above, not to be rude or anything, does little to simplify the aggressive interchange of armed vessels. :)
I am looking at strategic encounters of dozens of vessels, hence the simplified attack/defense/movement values.
I was thinking more of:
1. Ships roll initiative and the ones with the higher initiative shoot first.
2. Missiles are launched and the defender versus the missile attack may spend their future attack NOW to defend against the missile attack.
3. Energy weapons are fired, either against a vessel or missiles in transit towards them.
4. Ships being fired at roll on d12 according to this formula: Attack/Defender's Hull rating/10 = roll at or under on d12 to dodge attack. This makes huge attacks possible to dodge if vessel is small enough.
5. Any shots that hit, roll on the d12 CRT table.
6. Put appropriate damage counter (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, -100%) and the appropriate damage location counter (ATT/DEF/MOV) with it. There will be some custom counters that have a combination of two on them.
7. Continue to next round.

Do you see any failings on the steps above? I tried to streamline the combat process and still keep the strategic focus of areas hit.
I also have a potential NEW CRT in the making where someone attacking may choose two options on the roll of d66 to decide what is hit. When a 24 is rolled on d66, the attack may choose 42 instead of 24, making it hit in a different location.
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