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Default Re: Starship battles - is there a simpler way?

You know, it's funny but a lot of the individuals who enjoy the old Avalon Hill wargames also enjoy the record keeping and paperwork. A perfect example of this is in the game "The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich." Every player is given a set of assets, a set number of reinforcements per turn and so one. The paperwork is monstrous. Your plan is great

Could we just assume that missile identification could be instantaneous and ECM/sand be planned like a regular phase every turn? Maybe a simultaneous missile phase? This is what I was thinking for a typical turn. I thought phases would be fun. This idea is based on a typical hex and counter wargame

I. Scan Phase (identify all missiles and ship locations, Line-of-sight)
II. Defense and ECM are cleared (from previous turn)
a). sand launch
b). ECM and black globe spoofing (prepared but not resolved until phase V)
III. Laser batteries fired(resolved in phase V with spoofing and sand defense measures)
IV. (missile) barbette launch (both sides)
V. Resolve damage/spoofing from missiles, laser batteries and ECM
a). Player a resolves
b). Player b resolves
VI. Resolve derelicts/ Routing (assuming that this model is somewhat similar to a traditional wargame).
VII Communication/ all routed ships from previous turn are active again
VIII. Reinforcement and missile/ship movement

I know this may sound terribly nitpicky (and there would be like a note on a piece of paper) but I think it could be fast/easy. With all my stressing over agility and space acceleration, I didn't even include it here, but this is a plan and plans have to be critiqued to be any good. Thanks for having this here. :)
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