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Default Re: Z tactics against Military

Recently read World War Z and it had some for me new thoughts and ideas about zombies so can recommend that for some inspiration even if the book is somewhat mediocre IMHO.

The idea that zombies dont rot and only the destruction of the brain make it stop working, zombie hordes migrating across the world even by walking across the seabed etc.

The book also mentioned that some of the conventional wepons are not that good against zombies, for example artillery, cluster bombs, mines are not that good unless you get a direct hit and kill the brain. Shrapnels and blast effects are no good (but they do not count concussion towards the brain for some reason...)

The idea that winter freezes zombies and you get some peace during winter in colder climates but the zombies thaw up in spring coupled with the idea that zombies might lurk more in water makes them a long-term threat even after you have managed to kill off the big hordes.
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