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Default Re: Contribute Something For Yrth

Joint Stock Companies seem a natural fit for Tredroy and perhaps Araterre.

The Alberghi are a natural fit to many fantasy universes (I really wish that Columbia Games had thought to flesh out the clans of Harn with the idea) but I suspect the dread hand of Megalos insisting on feudalism would step on it a bit. Their obsession with Roman models would seem to make it a natural fit but having the nobles owe direct fealty to and dependence on the Emperor would seem the best way to avoid 'over mighty subjects'. Perhaps it would be something that could be used as a model for Sahudese society?

I certainly think that any write ups or re-writes of older material should include family/clan alliances especially in Tredroy.

Speaking of Tredroy I'd make it the centre for the insurance industry on Yrth. Mostly marine insurance but there would be other markets too. I once tried to work out what the rates would be for insurance to pay for a resurrection, given that the Jewish healer mages of the city offer it as a commercial service.
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