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Default Re: In Nomine: the Sandbox

A tall, slender woman enters the bar, shoulder length hair colored almost black with purple and neon green streaks. It's styled almost like a mohawk, with shaved sides, but laying off to one side. Her dark eyes are ringed with black eyeliner, but it is smudged. A tribal pattern creeps up the left side of her neck and down her left arm, ending right below the wrist. She's wearing black, but distressed moto jeans, a Tune Squad tank top, and gray/iridescent purple Vans sneakers. She has a gray hoodie tied around her waist and a messenger bag from some lesser-known video game. She joins the group at their table.

"Sorry I was late, guys. Business meeting in Vegas ran a hell of a lot longer than I would have liked." Cameron sits down, smiling as very slight crow's feet crinkle around her eyes.
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