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Default Re: Resolved,There is no point to statting up anything that is not a PC

Originally Posted by jeff_wilson View Post
... and I would like to see if users can post informed reasons for having it when there are several rules like the long-established Allies and Enemies that require the opposite behavior.
There are exceptions.

As allies and enemies ARE point based, they ARE confined by the currency of character points. This is largely WHY i disallow those.

When a Player is allowed to Take Ally/Enemy what they are essentially telling the GM is 'Make a Charachter and You play Too!'. Allies/Enemys are NOT NPCs in the normal sense, but are GM-PCs. You MUST stat them out, in totality, for them to have ANY real meaning or appropriate value. Otherwise, as noted above, a PC risks having a 50 point enemy with all 50 points in broadsword who will turn the Character into a PEZ dispenser on the first blow.


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