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Default Re: Resolved,There is no point to statting up anything that is not a PC

Originally Posted by jeff_wilson View Post
"There is no point to statting up anything that is not a PC" - I'm seeing this opinion (with which I do not agree) expressed more frequently than previous here, and I would like to see if users can post informed reasons for having it when there are several rules like the long-established Allies and Enemies that require the opposite behavior.
It boils down Quality of Life and Work.

How many hours can you afford to spend prepping for a game?
I try to spend almost up to 2-4 hours a week on game prep in between everything else. Bottom line spending more than that per week cuts into more important things. (don't let your game prep "steal" away more valuable use of your time)

Although I do have a ton of game material I already made and work on for catharsis that I can go back on when I had more free time.
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