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Default Re: Resolved,There is no point to statting up anything that is not a PC

Originally Posted by Nymdok View Post
Because I game balance by probability, I spend ALOT of time before hand tweaking those untill I think theyre just right and beating Excel spreadsheets into submission. It was a bit of work at the start, but its something Im getting better at and Im starting to see greater and greater dividends.
I may be in the minority, but I feel that preparing a well-modeled simulation is a worthwhile task in and of itself. Edit: And thus I like the notion of content creators bashing spreadsheets or other data models until the simulation is robust and accurate - regardless of whether it's simulating a fantasy or a reality.

Unfortunately I have a lot of nice simulations that will probably never see the gaming table.

Game stats often do not translate well between rule systems, and I suspect that they are seldom more than rough drafts.

Then again, the original Fallout CRPG was supposed to be in GURPS. If I could manage to convince some aspiring game writer to use my over-detailed stat blocks in a computer game, I might actually get some game player to get some benefit out of them.

Time will tell whether the games of the future re-discover realistic simulation as an end in itself, or whether they will move toward a more iconic tendency.
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