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Default Re: [Game] Island of the Lost

Do the animals need to be real? are prehistoric animals game? what about the classics of fiction? what about totally alien creatures?
No they do not but so far I am using at least some prehistoric animals. There are eventually going to be Alien Life Forms encountered.

What time period do you want the coven to be from? Are they even from earth? What kind of magic do they use?
I'm not exactly sure what time period they are from but I'm thinking Medieval. Not they are not from Earth, I'm not sure what all they practice but there is a Zombie Master among them.

How big are each of the groups?
The Tourists and Resort staff are the largest group and they are 4~5,000 people. I'm assuming that they are going to Quickly eat any terrestrial mega-fauna.

There are about 30 local Coasties, Three boats and a rescue Helecopter.

The Volksstrum are less than 200 and their mostly conscripted Hitler youth with about a Squad of Fallschirmjager and some Dund Deutscher Maidens as support.

The Jungle Tribe is about a Hundred people.

The Coven is about a Dozen mages and Who knows how many supporting creatures.

Does the jungle tribe do any hunting at all?
They are Hunter Gatherers.

As far as the Tourists Outnumbering everyone else Yeah, I sort of Figured that but I'm also figuring that there are not many who are physically or mentally capable of going and adventuring to support everyone else.

There is enough Fresh water on the Island for everyone and there is Power to the Resort and the Local Coastguard.

I'm starting the Game out on the Island but there is the Ability to go far beyond the Island. While it was originally next to a continent it is not part of an Archipelago. Eventually I plan on if everything works out the Island becoming part of a group of Island colonies.

There will be Ships showing up latter. Right now I am starting Small.
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