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Default Re: [Game] Island of the Lost

One problem that you have to face is numbers... A Coast Guard station may have eight to twelve people; a Volksturm bunker maybe a dozen, a stone age village perhaps a hundred from babies up to the elders no longer fit for anything but watching the fire and babysitting - perhaps 20-30 hunters in all.

Against that, a modern oceangoing cruise ship doesn't have twenty or thirty people - there are dozens of crew and hundreds of passengers even on small ones. Once the ship's supplies have run out (duration of intended cruise +10%, perhaps?) where is the food for these hundreds of people coming from? Most of them, too, are likely to be retired couples no longer fit for hunting, digging the ground for crops (for which they don't have any seed anyway), etc.

Weapons to take on the megafauna? The Volksturm will have their guns, the Coast Guard will have anti-piracy weapons. Good luck trying to get those off them. The cruise ship won't have any apart from a few shotguns for skeet-shooting, and the officers will hang on to those to defend the ship, rather than hand them out to random groups of passengers. They might be persuaded to hand over the archery bows... The tribe may be willing to show PCs how to make flint spears if they can find a flint outcrop - of course the one they know about didn't come to this world with them.
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