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Default Re: Attribute effect on learning

Furthermore, it all depends on what is the score used during play.

In GURPS, the relative level is rarely used. Most often, you roll against the ordinary level. So knowing that Mr A and Mr B, in my example above, both have a Mechanic skill level of IQ+1 does not really matter. What really matters in play is that Mr A will roll against 13 (+ task difficulty modifiers) while Mr B will roll against 11 (+ task difficulty modifiers).

With the same amount of learning, Mr A is really better than Mr B. So he finally learned faster.

Adding a different rate to this learning speed (saying for instance that reaching IQ+1 will be faster for Mr A than for Mr B) would square the difference!

Mr A is already a genius compared to Mr B. With the same amount of learning he reaches a professional level while Mr B only reaches an amateur level. If you improve this difference further, it would be so huge that it would become silly.

Sagatafl is surely more nuanced than that... But as said by Peter Knutsen himself, it requires a spreadsheet... So, I think that GURPS authors found an elegant way to do a difference with minimum calculations.
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