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Default Re: Attribute effect on learning

The simplest "multiplicative" approach starting from GURPS would be flat cost skills (e.g. treat all skills as if bought up from an attribute of 10), and change the time required to earn a point from 200 hours to say 2000 hours/attribute. Alternately you could scale the point costs, buying all skills up from 10, but the multiply the point costs for any particular skill score by (10/attribute), or if you are willing to tolerate a seriously different curve, you could ditch the semi-linearity of skill levels and go with something like skill = attribute * (0.5 + point cost/20)

Whether any of those are better is an open question, it's really a matter of game design taste more than any actual superiority of any of the systems. It's not like either "points" or "attribute levels" are anything particularly realistically measurable.
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