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Default Re: Attribute effect on learning

Originally Posted by otghand View Post
But the attribute being higher does not yield a faster skill improvement, only a higher base when the first Character point is earned. Given the diminishing return on improvement above 11 one could argue that with higher attributes you improve slower. It seems to me that if 200 hours is what it takes for an average character of attribute 10 to earn a CP then less time might be required at higher attribute levels.
Sure, my own homebrew RPG design, Sagatafl, which is very much an attempt at "GURPS done right", analogous to the many, many attempts of the 90s and the late 80s of "AD&D done right" (including the freeware system Quest FRP, which apart from GURPS is the primary "memetic ancestor" of Sagatafl), ditches the Ability = Aptitude + Training thing in favour of a multiplicative model, which is much closer to reality (especially when it comes to simulating high-Aptitude characters over long periods of time), but also makes character creation a lot more computation-intense (you basically need a purpose-built spreadsheet to make a character, not because there's anything difficult in the process, just a huge amount of simple arithmetical operations).
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