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Default Re: Attribute effect on learning

Originally Posted by otghand View Post
Do attributes have any direct effect on learning new skills or languages? I think RAW says no, but that does not seem right. It seems to me that DX based skills would be more easily learned by one with higher native DX, ditto for IQ.

As I understand it that is not RAW, but those with higher attributes are better when they do learn.
No, you are incorrect, atributes do influence skill learning, as is the case in all RPG rules systems that use the Ability = Aptitude + Training model.

For lack of a current reference point, we'll be using the old 3rd Edition rule saying that 1 Character Point equals being taught for 200 hours by a qualified teacher.

Now we'll posit three characters, one has DX 9, one has DX 10, one has DX 11. All three have to become profient, that is reach skill level 12, in the Driving skill, which is DX-based and of Average difficulty.

For the DX 11 guy, that takes 800 hours, and costs 4 CP.

For the DX 10 guy, it takes 1600 hours and costs 8 CP. Twice as long. He can, in this specific situation, be said to be learning twice as slowly (but note that if you want them both to train to skill 20, not 12, the learning speed difference will become much more trivial).

The DX 9 guy needs 2400 hours, or 12 CP, so he's learning three times slower than the DX 11 guy, in this particular scenario.
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