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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

You went from 8/10 to 6/10 retreat-dodging first half, then down to 5/10 from trying to dodge, then down to 4/10 from rolling with blow, then down to 3/10 from keeping balance

5 damage is doubled to 10 for the purposes of determining knockback, which is just enough to be 1 multiple of your HP-2 (more than ST-2 but I figure if your ST begins to depreciate from fatigue, you can rely on HP as mass to resist knockback instead)

please make a 3d6 roll to mitigate the loss of 3 additional AP (pg 9 Injury and Damage). The target number is your HT (10 adjusted down to 9 due to fatigue) minus shock (3) so you must roll lower than 6 and may subtract MoS from the 3 AP lost.

I still need to PIF
I'm not sure what you mean, you would only have to roll that if you go below 0 FP. Even if you can't mitigate the 3 lost due to damage, you would be at 0 and get 2 free AP for defensive actions due to AOD, so you should be fine.

I don't need to know the results of your HT check (RPwise I wouldn't know) I'm doing a normal attack maneuver, and since my left leg is injured, do a right-legged kick (DX-1-2=9) that's telegraphed (9+4=13) to a random hit location, since you're too far away to punch.

I got a 12, a successful hit! I roll a 10 on RHL (chest) and a 6 on sub-table D (normal chest hit). You are +2 to parry or +4 (AOD:DD) to dodge. 3/5 with One Foe, possibly more if you do a retreat or acrobatic dodge. How do you defend?

It's doubtful I'll damage you further and drop you below 0 (forcing an FP loss) but I can at least force a defense so you don't get the HT roll to recover AP :)

Come to think of it, would such a HT roll suffer a shock penalty just like the AP loss mitigating HT roll?
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