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Default Re: Sociopaths in In Nomine

Originally Posted by SamAnderson View Post
One random thought that does occur to me -- sociopaths have been described as "subtly constructed reflex machines." As noted, they seem to feel little or no emotion, they can't really make moral decisions... I wonder if you could simply say that a certain number of humans are born as the corporeal equivalent of a Remnant. They have Corporeal and Ethereal Forces, but no Celestial. They can think, and they have biological drives, but there's no soul in there.

But unlike an angel or demon, they were born this way, and they can learn to fake it so well most people can't tell the difference.
This model makes them something like Undead. They are a slightly biologically flawed approximation of a human that never generated a soul and did not attract a reincarnating soul, so they will never see an afterlife. This also introduces the notion of soulless human lookalikes, which is the justification advanced for every bigotry and racism ever perpetrated by humanity upon different-looking people.

This is not necessarily a negative, depending on the contrast and brightness in your game. It's an entirely reasonable theological arrangement.

I would personally go with the Destiny and Fate simply taking the affliction into account -- or, alternatively, having them be null: "this human is automatically due to reincarnate due to current neurological damage."
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