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Default Re: Sociopaths in In Nomine

An Elohite would still see emotions in a sociopath; they aren't utterly emotionless beings. What would disturb the Elohite is seeing different ones than he would expect--upon encountering a human crouched over a dead body, an Elohite might expect to find emotions like fear, horror, revulsion, satisfaction, glee, etc, but might be very weirded out by seeing "annoyance because they canceled my favorite TV show."

As humans, I would say that they definitely have Fates and Destinies. The books describe several people whose Fates and Destinies aren't longterm behaviors but a specific moment--inspiring that one student to do great things, help that one person running away from a murderer so she can become a great crime detective, be rude to that one emotionally disturbed guy so he goes home and kills his wife and kids, approve the loan that will let her ruin her finances forever in gambling debt, etc. Sociopaths could still have those sorts of Fates and Destinies, and presumably if a sociopath went to Heaven the Truth would be revealed to him/her. Possibly these people might do well in certain Principalities in Hell, too (like Hades).

I agree that these people are still corruptible for Shedim, but that it would be harder. You can't go through the usual steps from "stealing a pack of gum" to "sleeping with my boss's wife" to "murdering my boss's wife's brother when he threatens to reveal the affair." Lots of sociopaths have internalized/secretized their condition; a "corruption" might be getting the host to act against his normal pattern by acting sociopathic in public (and that will probably ruin his life, too). However, I bet these are the sorts of people Shedim talk about in whispers when they are together hanging out in Hell (since other demons won't hang out with them), like "one of the incorruptibles, don't even jump into one!"

I like that some of these might be Gorgons or Nephallim, but I wouldn't say that that's always true--I'd rather not move back towards every bit of human crazy originating in Heaven or Hell (or the Marches). It's possible this could be cast as an Ethereal Discord for Mercurians/Impudites (or everyone at large), and the similar flaw in humans.

As far as Fire is concerned, Fire's definition of cruel is I think an absolute. Kicking a kid in the face is cruel. Simple. Servitors of Gabriel are rarely subtle when meting out punishment. As for which Choirs would be most interesting in taking out a sociopath, my gut says Malakim, but Seraphim make sense too.
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