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Default Re: Sociopaths in In Nomine

In the context of the In Nomine world, I wonder if some sociopaths might actually be Gorgons (twisted ethereal/human crossbreeds) or Nephallim (twisted celestial/human crossbreeds). Both are described as being monstrous by celestial standards because of either gross physical or psychic deformity -- often, something that went wrong in its soul and manifested in either its mind or body. A trait like this could easily be seen that way ... possibly by both Heaven and Hell.

I like rknop's idea for the potential Destiny, especially since it allows the person to "do good" (to the limits of his/her potential) rather than just "do less evil." And even small Destinies aren't always easy; this certainly qualifies as a challenge for the person involved.

Sam, excellent point about the Elohite of Judgment and the lack of guilty feelings. Here's another difficult situation; how would this affect the angels of Gabriel? Elohites and Kyriotates of Fire seek out those who enjoy cruelty, but I'm not sure a sociopath takes actual enjoyment from it any more than someone "enjoys" cutting the lawn. On the other hand, I suppose a Seraph of Fire might work well on the assignment -- they seek out the people who decieve themselves about what monsters they are, and in a sense their own minds have been deceiving them about that since birth ...
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