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Originally Posted by martinl View Post
Last night my luchadora street urchin body slammed a rat swarm in order to do some large area injury. We did not find any body slamming rules in Basic, and were trying for speed, so we went with "Thrust damage +2, large area, based off of wrasslin', counts as an all out attack."
The realistic version of this problem is "bugs on a windshield." How much damage do you do to something like a swarm of wasps by driving a truck through it at speed?

Alternately, how much damage do you do if you fall on top of a swarm of creepy crawlies? (Important if you hope to kill them before they swarm all over you . . .)

As a very rough guess, I'd ignore relative mass of both the swarm and the thing hitting the swarm and just base damage on relative areas of contact.

As long as the falling/moving object is capable of doing enough damage, based on speed alone, to inflict enough damage to automatically disperse a swarm hex, assume that each square yard of surface area in contact eliminates one hex of swarm.

Otherwise, figure total dice of damage for the striking object, divide by square yards of surface area, and apply that many dice of damage per hex of swarm contacted. Maybe have the swarm make a HT roll to just take half damage per hex.
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