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Default Re: Ideas for Anti Robot Technology

Originally Posted by kdtipa View Post
The above portion of an earlier post made me think of something too. It's not just that the bots will have to manage those needs, but also that the supplies and transport methods might be more vulnerable than the bot-squad itself. Raiding supply lines, or sabotaging them might be very useful in weakening an invading force of robots.

Also, do I remember correctly that this campaign is a supers campaign too? The PCs have access to super powers? That opens up a whole lot of options. Someone with enough telekinesis could do horrible things to robots. Or someone like Kitty Pryde from X-Men could probably win the war by herself.
Yes my specific campaign has the PCs as superheroes of about the same power scale as Spider-Man or Batman. Most of their human allies are mundane so I am interested in tactics for them as well.
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