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Default Re: Ideas for Anti Robot Technology

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
Actually, IQ1 insects don't handle it fine- when presented with a difficult decision, they tend to.... do nothing (which is good from a survival standpoint, they don't waste energy and avoid potentially dangerous situations.)
"I can only catch one thing to eat at a time" can't be a difficult decision for any predator brain that isn't maladaptive.

And most NUs have higher IQ than insects.

The important part about my scenario was that the humans, knowing how the dumbot weighs target values, assures that both targets have the same value- so that the bot goes into a situation of 'wait for the numbers to change and chase that one'. It won't be an easy task, because if the numbers squew (one target becomes further away then the other, causing the nearer target to be the 'better' number)
That seems to make it a very easy task. It will simply chase the closest or slowest one absent higher instruction and once it has selected a target it will tend to persist.

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