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Default Re: Unarmed vs. Knife

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
Of course, since you've make a Committed Attack with both hands, if you miss the lock then he can attack and you have to Dodge at -2, no Retreat, so this is a specialist tactic. If you succeed, the foe is in bad shape, since you're on his flank and he can't turn while grappled, so all his attacks have to be Back Strikes or Wild Swings.
This is a situation where I'd probably All-Out-Attack (Double) over CA. Unless I'm Captain America-level of peak human performance, my dodge-2 with no retreat... well, I'd put more trust into another attack to make sure I don't need to try. Plus, if I have Move 5, I can walk from front center hex around to left flank and turn to face my opponent: or if I'm trying to get into CC, I'll need Move 7 to walk from front center to front left, front left to left flank, turn to the right and walk into CC.
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