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Originally Posted by TheOneRonin View Post
The hardest part is going to be getting into the bad guy's side hex. Assuming you are in his middle-front adjacent hex when he attacks, at best you can do a side-slip parry into his left front hex and then step into CC for the Arm Lock from there.

You are still in his front arc, and I haven't read anything about not being able to (or having any penalties to) attack an opponent in your left front arc when your weapon is in your right hand. Not to mention, he is going to turn to face you on his turn, so you will have a really difficult time saying in his side arc even if you manage to somehow get there (Committed attack, maybe?).
Committed Attack, double step to move from his left front hex to his left flank hex, and from there into close combat on his left flank side. He's at -2 to defend from the flank and can't defend with the knife (though whether you can arm lock his weapon arm from his position is debatable; I'd defer to people with real world experience).

Of course, since you've make a Committed Attack with both hands, if you miss the lock then he can attack and you have to Dodge at -2, no Retreat, so this is a specialist tactic. If you succeed, the foe is in bad shape, since you're on his flank and he can't turn while grappled, so all his attacks have to be Back Strikes or Wild Swings.

I wouldn't worry much about a mugger breaking free of an arm lock after it's secured: the standard game mechanics make that pretty unlikely for normal human foes. If you're a DF Martial Artist trying to arm lock an ogre, it's a bit iffy, but a ST11 human generally can't overcome a +9 bonus.
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