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Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
I think I read somewhere recently that you can lock any arm, not necessarily the one that was attacking you, but don't take my word for it.
That might very well be the case, but if so, it really ruins verisimilitude. Every time I've ever seen anything like an arm lock performed after a strike, it's locking up the striking limb.

Now, you could always just Parry and then AoA Double/RS on your turn to grab and l lock the opposite arm. But I'm still convinced that the Arm Lock happens to the attacking limb, not the limb of your choice.

If the grappler is in the opposite-side hex, it's a Wild Swing, plus -4 for the grapple. Note that turning while grappled is problematic.
Agreed, but you still have to get to the SIDE hex. If you are still in the FRONT arc (ie. middle, right front, left front hexes), then he can attack you without penalty.

Stepping into Real Life for a moment, even though it's tough for an attacker to reach your torso with a knife while you have his opposite arm in a proper lock, you will still get your arms (which are easy to reach) slashed to $hit.

I love training with BJJ guys for this very reason. They have lots of good grappling moves, but most of them fail badly vs. the knife.

Agreed, it's the best possible outcome.
By the time you get that point, the outcome is pretty binary. Get control of the knife/weapon arm, or get cut/stabbed (possibly to death).

There isn't a lot of room in between.
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