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Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
I'd also got with Toptomcat's answer, with a slight change: Retreating puts you farther from the knifeman, and makes it hard to close into his hex to effect the arm lock. It's generally better to Sideslip and then step into the foe's hex for the grab.
Depends on the knife and the attack. With the knife in the basic book, the bad guy has to be in Close Combat for a Thrusting attack. If he does that, then you can retreat to an adjacent hex and still be able to move into close combat on your turn.

After the arm lock, a throw from the lock will generally break the knife wielder's arm, effectively disarming him, if the lock wasn't sufficient.
Absolutely! But without AoA (Double) or Rapid Strike, you cannot lock and throw in the same turn. Waiting until your next turn gives your foe yet another opportunity to try and break free. Or he may just try and knee you in the junk or punch you in the face with his free hand.
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